•  Close The Vents Into Your Crawl Spaces & Basement
  • Turn Off Your Faucet to the outside & then go outside and run it, to drain any remaining water and prevent that water from freezing and busting/bursting your pipe.
  •  Inspect All Home Penetrations; Including But Not Limited To: Incoming Electrical Wires, Electrical Outlets, Plumbing, Pipes, Dryer Ventilation, AC Lines, Doors, & Windows.
  •  Check your still plate for any air penetrations.  This is where your floor joists meet your foundation.
  • Solution(s): properly insulate & seal any/all penetrations spray foam insulation is your best option to fill any gaps or cracks on the interior, caulking seal on the exterior.
  •  Check Weather Stripping Around Doors & Windows. .
  • Condensation build up on the inside of your windows is generally caused by poor air circulation. If that condensation freezes you most likely have some type of seal failure. Be- aware of foggy windows too!  That also is a sign to replace your windows.
  • Feel with your hand around your doors and windows for air blowing into your home; re-set your door if not properly installed/OR update your weather stripping; you can also tape plastic over your windows.  (These are temporary solutions, so be sure to ask us for detailed estimate and to see if there any remaining tax credits available)
  • Inspect Your Attic Insulation; It should measure 12″ add more insulation as needed.
  •  Lastly, Inspect your soffit vents to ensure that they are not clogged. Air needs to be flowing freely into your attic space, to move warm air out during winter months.