Commercial Flat Roofing – Madison, WI Flat Roofing Specialists

A-Team Construction is leading the way in the Southern Wisconsin region as your commercial flat roofing contractor.  We offer maintenance and replacement services for different types of flat roofing materials.  The flat roofing division of A-Team Construction was created to serve commercial property owners and to branch out to other management companies or home owners.  Our goal is to provide sustainable solutions at competitive pricing.

Our company specializes in multiple flat roofing systems.  Such as:

TPO:      Commonly used in the automotive industry, it does not degrade from the sun over time.  It is highly resistant to tears and punctures and is a flexible material allowing for building movement that may occur.

EPDM:  Because of its traditional color of black, this material is energy efficient.  It can help reduce heating costs in the winter.  It is also the most common material used on flat roofs.

PVC:      Also called vinyl roofing.  This material is most commonly used in commercial roofs and industrial roofs.  It is a durable product, resisting harsh chemicals such as acids and oils.

Roof Garden Systems:   This is a great way to manage storm water run-off.  It also adds usable space everyone can enjoy.

Paver Roof Systems:      Adding concrete pavers can add character to any flat roof.  This option comes in a large variety of colors.

Maintenance and routine inspections on your flat roof is very important.  This is where A-Team Construction comes in; we will be your commercial flat roofing contractor in Madison, WI to ensure your roof is problem free.  Visit our Madison, WI commercial flat roofing image gallery below.

A-Team construction is committed to finding the best flat roofing material to meet each individual need.    Call us today for your free estimate or visit us at our show room located at 1930 S. Stoughton Rd.